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Are you ready to move beyond losses, fears, and unhappiness? Are you in need of help with problems that interfere with daily function? If your answer to these questions is yes and you need someone to listen, understand and assist you with your problems, we can help you find ways to enrich your life.

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything”

-Thomas Carlyle



emoWellness helps grieving individuals and groups heal their pain and move beyond their grief. We also help clients learn to build healthy relationships and improve their quality of life. Through the use of evidence-based therapies, we help clients enhance their lives by improving their daily functioning. For clients who want to grow personally and professionally, we facilitate awareness and accountability for successful outcomes. We provide education, counseling, psychotherapy and coaching in a safe and caring environment.


Read what people are saying about THE Comfort Method

“Dr. Atwater’s strategic design and teaching of the COMFORT Method can help adults of all ages understand the significance of self-awareness in building healthy relationships. I see The COMFORT Method as a tool that can be adapted to help children and adolescence develop healthy friendships. Great Job Dr. Atwater!” Dr. B., Rocky Mount, NC

“I love listening to Dr. Atwater present The Comfort Method. The proactive approach for building healthy relationships is simple yet powerful. It has helped me to understand the benefits of self-awareness before embarking on a committed relationship. If I had heard the information earlier in life, I would have been more equipped to set boundaries for myself and avoid bad relationships. I recommend you attend this workshop.” Ms. H., Durham, NC

“This course has helped me to understand the meaning of a healthy relationship. I grew up in a very dysfunctional family and I made a lot of mistakes in my relationships because I never learned as a young person to value and respect others. I enjoyed dialoguing with other participants and came to realize good communication is not about control but a mutual way to exchange information. If this information was made available to me sooner, I believe I would not have been in so many bad relationships. If your family background is similar to mine, and you never learned to communicate properly, take this course and watch yourself grow.” Mr. A., Richmond, VA

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