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Congratulations! You are moving closer to facing challenges, overcoming adversities and achieving your goals.

We provide education, counseling, psychotherapy and coaching for adults with a variety of problems and needs.

Areas of Focus include:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Work-Related Issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Relationship Building

Our services are offered to clients with different backgrounds, needs and strengths. We use a collaborative approach to determine goals and progression of care. In a respectful and confidential environment, we draw upon evidence-based treatment modalities such as Person Centered Therapy, Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to facilitate your growth.

Our primary function is to help you with emotional growth and symptom reduction. We also help you recognize destructive patterns that may be keeping you from healing. We understand that flexibility and creativity are sometimes necessary during the interactive therapy process. We also understand that your symptoms may appear to be getting worse as unresolved feelings surface before healing can take place. To help ensure safe care, we may, with your permission, share your pertinent information with your primary-care provider or other professionals.

To schedule an appointment with us, please call: (919) 416-3737

Are you struggling with grief?

Grief is an individual reaction to loss and can accompany many of life’s changes including the death of a loved one, separation and divorce. It can also be associated with the loss of one’s good health, job or pet. Grief is
universal and can be immensely challenging for many.work-related

The feelings associated with grief can include loneliness, anger and guilt. These feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to endure. More specifically, grief can leave a person clinically depressed, unable to sleep or meet daily responsibilities. Furthermore, unresolved grief can negatively affect personal and business relationships.

Each person experiences and expresses grief differently. Regardless of the cause or intensity of your grief, emoWellness offers compassionate solutions to help you heal your pain and move beyond your grief.

Our grief groups are developed to help you express feelings, find hope and meaning in life after a loss. Each group is held in a safe, caring and confidential setting and typically runs for a maximum of eight weeks. Group participants must be at least 18 years of age. Access to group membership is gained through a free screening. Group sessions are scheduled for ninety minutes and membership is limited to 10. New members are not added to the group once it starts. The group facilitator is in tune to group interactions and help group members process feelings. Group members have the opportunity to connect and grow with others experiencing similar challenges associated with grief and loss.

To schedule an appointment with us, please call: (919) 416-3737


Do you desire to be in a healthy relationship?

The words healthy relationships are frequently spoken in our society. However, their meaning is not always understood. More importantly, there are very few classes or workshops to help individuals learn how to build healthy relationships. What is the value of healthy relationships? Healthy relationships add balance to our lives and promote wellness and happiness.

Our workshops are designed to help those seeking the knowledge and insight needed to build healthy and meaningful relationships. Our one-day workshops are guided by The Comfort Method, a seven-step process that addresses self-awareness as the first step. Through the use of critical-thinking exercises, attendees learn such information as the different between healthy and unhealthy relationships, strategies for getting to know each other, and the importance of a relationship agreement. Participants are introduced to building blocks that foster healthy relationships and benefits gained following reflection on relationships. If you wish to build healthy relationships, consider participating in one of our workshops.

To schedule an appointment with us, please call: (919) 416-3737

Are you experiencing work-related issues?

Problems at work can dramatically affect your overall well-being. Common work-related problems are stress, poor finances, substance abuse, anger, loss of loved ones, divorce, depression, long hours, incivility, illnesses, domestic violence and incompatible jobs skills. Regardless of the problem there are three options for dealing with issues at work. The first option is to do nothing; the second option is the leave the job. Neither of these options offers solutions for the problem. The third option is to seek solutions for the problem. If you need help finding solutions for work-related issues, contact us for assistance.

To schedule an appointment with us, please call: (919) 416-3737

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