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The Comfort Method


Marcella M. Atwater developed the seven-step COMFORT Method to help individuals develop healthy, fulfilling and mutually rewarding relationships.

Each distinct step is presented in sequence, though real-life situations may require a non-sequential approach. The steps and lessons of The Comfort Method are based on the author’s knowledge as a therapist and on her personal experiences.

As presented, The COMFORT Method involves both critical thinking exercises and collaboration with professional feedback. Written materials such as case studies and interactive discussions cultivate the insight, skills and self-awareness individuals need to achieve their objectives. Additional resources may be provided for those needing more information.

Although originally designed to help young adults develop healthy relationships, The COMFORT Method and its strategies may be applied to adults of all ages as well as those younger than eighteen years of age. This program can be presented to both individuals and groups. Legal guardian permission must be obtained for participants younger than eighteen, as sensitive information may be discussed.

Dr. Atwater has taught The COMFORT Method to individuals of various ages and backgrounds for several years with positive progress observed or reported.

“If you wanna stop the trauma, you gotta put brakes on the drama.”


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