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Moving beyond grief and building a healthy relationship

- Grief Groups

- Teletherapy

- Grief Education

- In-person Services

- Individual Therapy

- Relationship Coaching

- Relationship Workshops


I am excited that you are seeking means to enrich your life.

If you need someone to help you work through your grief and build healthy relationships, I can help you find solutions.  


My mission is to help those in grief grow and move beyond their pain, as well as provide strategies, techniques, and tools for those seeking to build healthy relationships.


Group therapy is not for everyone. If you desire privacy and are having normal signs of grief such as crying, lack of energy, and changes..


Our primary function is to help you with emotional growth and symptom reduction. We also help...

"Testimonials are a great way to share positive feedback you have received and encourage others to work with you. Add your own here.”

Claire Brooks, MI

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